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Tech articles on solid axle suspensions

The SAS archives is a great place to start for information on your swap.

Brian Soderblom has a great tech article hosted at FSB that goes in depth on his swap of a 79 Ford Bronco Dana 44 into his 1989 fullsize Ford Bronco. Including axle prep, removal of the old TTB, new axle mounting, steering assembly, trackbar, brakes, shocks and driveshaft. Please read the tech article here.

This SAS questionnaire is a great resource for related tech info as shared by individuals who have swapped in a solid axle. Including measurements, drops, degrees and more regarding wheelbase, shocks, crossmembers, brackets, frames, etc..

Technical pictures of Solid axle Suspensions

TTBlows swap, D60 into a '90:

Seboh's swap, D60 into a '90:

Beerman's swap, D44 into a '96 (of note for crumple zone guys)

Dangling Dave's swap, D60 into a '96 (another one for the crumple zone guys)

Swamp Donkey's swap, D60 into an '86

The Nag's swap, D60 into an '87:

Biggie Truck's swap, D60 into a '95 (also click on SAS redone), another of note for crumple zone guys)

Big Norm's swap, D60 into an '86 (using rear leafs, this should be interesting):

Andy351's swap, D60 into an '89:

Costs associated with a SAS

Copied from dogonmut @ FSB forums

SAS Costs
100.00 78 Dana 44 with radius arms and brackets (sweetheart deal - usually $200 - $400)
25.00 Radius arm caps with out shock mount (2)
135.00 78 6" Super Lift springs
32.00 7 Degree "C" bushings
18.00 Radius arm bushings
320.00 RS 9000 X shocks (4)
30.00 ProComp steering stablizer
36.00 Beard limiting straps (2)
30.00 78 upper spring buckets
30.00 78 lower spring buckets
25.00 Spindle studs (10)
60.00 Misc. hardware
44.00 F250 upper shock mounts (4)
110.00 Chebby tie rod and drag link ends (2 & 2)
10.00 Jam nuts for Chebby tie rod ends (2)
100.00 D.O.M. tube for tie rod and drag link
40.00 Axle U-joints (2)
42.00 Upper ball joints (2)
41.00 Lower ball joints (2)
60.00 Inner & outer wheel bearings (2 & 2)
10.00 Wheel bearing seals (2)
64.00 Loaded caliper (2)
62.00 Rotor with hub & lugs (2)
10.00 Break hardware kit
50.00 D.O.M. tube for track bar and brace
180.00 Heim joints for track bar and brace (4)
20.00 Steel used for track bar mount and brace
50.00 Paint, oil, RTV, grease, ect.
160.00 4.56:1 Gears
90.00 Master install kit
50.00 Pinion yoke and U-bolts
55.00 3.92:1 and up empty carrier
22.00 Drive line U joint
30.00 Cosmo & Cam alignment shims
50.00 “Pro” done alignment
2191.00 Total

Reused TTB parts
·Dropped pitman arm
·Warn Hubs
·Extended break line (fabbed new retaining brackets)
·PowerTrax cross shaft

Special tools needed
·7 degree tapered reamer ($65.00)
·7/8" 18 pitch right hand tap ($78.00)
·7/8" 18 pitch left hand tap ($148.00)
·3/4" 16 pitch left hand tap ($95.00)

Tools used to do the job
·Air tools (1/2" impact gun, 3/8" wrench, 90 degree drill, cut off wheel, die grinder, air hammer)
·Electric tools (3/8" & 1/2" drill, grinder, saw-zal, bench grinder, drill press)
·Shop tools (20 ton press, vise, anvil, jacks, jack stands)
·Metal working tools (lathe, MillerMatic 210, Oxy torch)
·Hand tools (all the standard stuff, Dana 44 hub tool, tap & die set, good set of drill bits and a bit sharpener)

Estimated hours to complete work
10 Gathering of parts (over 2 weeks)
8 Cleaning and painting of parts
5 Complete rebuild of axle
2 Build steering and track bar
4 Fabrication
6 Remove TTB, front suspension & prep frame (2 people)
4 Install spring buckets, radius arm brackets, shock mounts & track bar bracket
4 Install axle, break lines, shocks, steering & drive line (2 people)
2 On road testing and tweaking
45 Total Man Hours


Dana axle articles

Mr N has provided extreme information regarding Dana Spicer info on his website, including high steer, reverse spiral, knuckles, spindles and shafts.

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