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Solid axle Swap ( SAS ) information

We have gained permission to publish some of the information posted at FullSizeBronco.com, a great resource for "SAS" information, tech articles, write ups and experiences from an active community of 4 wheelers.

Front axle guide

You can find information and links to front axle information for axle's such as the Dana 44 and Dana 60 as well as corrected & shared information from experienced members at FullSizeBronco.com.
The front axle information is here.

Rear axle guide

A member at FSB has posted a great guide to rear axles with pros and cons of the Ford 8.8 , Ford 9", Sterling 10.25, corporate 14 bolt and others. All axles are 1 ton, 8 lug, full floating axles unless specified. Some of the information is Ford Bronco specific but most of the information on the axles are just that and is great no matter what your vehicle. The rear axle information is here.

You can find most of the information or links you are looking for in this thread, including info on Dana 60 coil/radius arm swap information along with write ups, pictures, c-wedges, axle jigs, kingpin rebuilds, radius arms, wristed arms, mounts, fabrication, and more.

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